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About Us

About The Company.

Misr Real Estate Management Company is a joint stock company established in 1979 according to the Investment Law No. 8 for the year 1997 and its amendments, the main shareholder is Misr Insurance Company, Insurance Holding Company Egypt and the foreign partner Walker Son & Packman (United Kingdom).

Scope of work.

Providing all services and activities (technical / administrative / specialized) for all types and types of real estate, establishments, residential, administrative, service, commercial and tourism complexes, bodies, offices, companies, banks, etc.


Purpose the Company..

The company works in real estate and conducts management, operation, development, marketing and maintenance services for all types of real estate, residential, commercial, administrative, as well as real estate consultancy for all types of properties to maximize value and increase revenue as it is undertaking a number of other services (Cleaning services - Buffets - Expansion in the application of security systems for all properties).

The company is an investment tributary of the largest insurance entity in Egypt and the Middle East, working within a system of integrated real estate companies that has a wealth of assets and large-scale projects, both owned by the Insurance Holding Company and its subsidiaries or holding companies owned by other organizations of the Ministry of Investment.


Company vision

Misr Real Estate Management to become the leading and specialized Company in Egypt and the Middle East that increases the value of the property that it manages.


Company Mission.

We at Misr Real Estate Management Company, which is proud to possess and includes among its sectors and departments the rarest specialized expertise in all activities practiced by using the latest equipment and tools and the best raw materials (forty years of experience) ... We give great attention to all entities that we provide And with the smallest details to achieve the expectations of our customers, but exceeds ... Which makes our company name combined with credibility, high experience and quality in all our services to the community.


Company Goals.

• Regional expansion in the field of property management and marketing of all types of real estate.

• Develop the strong base of key customers to help building the capacity of the company.

• Increasing of investments and company assets to support the development of services and performance.

• Build credibility and reputation in the field of property management.

Managing Director

Word of the Managing Director.

Misr Real Estate Management in sense of real estate management is considered responsible for all property management activities on behalf of the owner; In addition, it is also responsible about the beauty of the property and maintenance and in adding a new value to it through the integrated services that we offer.

And there are a number of large projects that will create a real challenge for the company in the field of marketing as:

• Rod El-Farag Project (Administrative - Commercial - hotels) to be held on an area of 3866 meters, 67 meters facade on the Nile River.

• Recreational & Hotels Compound in the 5th Settlement (New Cairo), which will be built on an area of 21 thousand square meters, and the pyramid scheme, which is located on the Pyramids main street and in all these projects the developer choose the best business partners working in this area.

• Giza Residence Tower in 44- 46 Giza Street. Consists of 42 unit (39 Flats and 3 Duplexes) with Nile view.

In short we have a golden opportunity to acquire the place of a leading competitor in the domestic market that makes us aim for the foreign competition strongly.



• Insurance Holding Company (IHC).

• Misr Insurance Company.

• Misr life insurance

Environmental activities

All general and specialized cleaning works for various sites and entities (companies / residential communities / commercial and industrial sites / etc ...) , Periodic intensive cleaning works (weekly / monthly) according to customers' request. , Cleaning works for facades (companies / banks / bodies / real estate) , Pest control for all sites. , All landscaping works, supply and maintenance of all plants, weeds and ornamental plants in sites and administrative and commercial offices, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, utilities and public services.

Engineering activities

Contracting and medium works , Renovation work , all maintenance work in various disciplines (electricity / plumbing / paints / etc ..). , Disinfection and maintenance of all types of water tanks in real estate. , Providing emergency technical services to the unions of occupants and various bodies (electricity / plumbing / networks) through a specialized emergency room operating room 24 hours from the hotline.

Management activities

Integrated management of all real estate entities (residential / administrative / medical / industrial / etc) (Reception and insurance for maintenance / cleaning / all other environmental activities ...) ,Managing and operating public and private garages or parking lots.

Real estate marketing activities

Marketing (sale / rent / purchase / for all types of real estate and land .....) , Providing all specialized real estate consultancy for all its purposes.

General Services

Introduction of modern technology and installation and setup of information networks and communication systems. ,Training employees in different fields in the fields related to the company's activities by specialists and experts. , Provide trained and specialized workers and cadres in various fields (technical / administrative / specialized). , Operating and managing buffets in various locations. , mail distribution services and facilities (for all parties).